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Snake Farm Sssssssssssss S1 E1

“Bill from the Ville” Tele-Vison proudly presents “Greener Acres” Season 1 Episode 1 – “SNAKE FARM” ! It’s not all hunting Big Foot or chasing ghosts at our “Haunted Cabin” on a hill in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Occasionally we get to have fun! When Charisse’s sister comes to visit all bets are off. Margaritas and Karaoke make a compelling combination on this World Premiere Episode on Channel On BFTV-TV “Greener Acres”. This series documents the challenges of two people in love who buy their dream cabin in the woods…only to find out it’s haunted and requires a ton of work to survive. Slowly, they begin to thrive in the Backwoods of Kentucky. Everything from Paradise to the Paranormal is found on BFTV-TV. Please subscribe and follow us on social media. Standby…THIS IS GONNA BE FUN

Check thissssssssssss out!

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