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Take HWY 11 to the summit for Majestic Mountain Views. Sunsets from the road that overlook the valley put on a show for free! That is where you will find me!

Mother Nature and all her magnificence are celebrated.
LIFE IS GOOD on the “STARK-A-ROSA RANCH” in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

Every day brings something new up from over the ridgeline to the mountaintop. Ears are popping near 2000 feet and the view is spectacular! Sunrises, sunsets, wildlife are documented, wild turkeys, foxes, bears, coyotes, crows, opossums, turtles, spiders, wasps, snakes, just to name a few. Survival and Camping tips on where to go while in the RED RIVER GORGE AND NATURAL BRIDGE AREA are shared.

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Looking forward to getting back to the Kentucky Backwoods in the Red River Gorge 2019. The winter is here and we are ready to begin the new adventure. The documentary Snowprint from three years ago will be released soon. Tracking the trails and sleeping in the caves to pick up where we lost it. Standby, THIS is gonna be fun!

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