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Take HWY 11 to the summit for Majestic Mountain Views. Sunsets from the road that overlook the valley put on a show for free! That is where you will find me!

BFTV-TV documents the more Supernatural events at the Haunted Cabin. View this exclusive, never seen before footage of the “White Blob” captured this year and a “Knock” from deep in the Red River Gorge. Newly released behind the scenes video of the Ethereal Green Mist as seen on TV and UFO footage you will not believe. Enjoy and follow us on social media. Tune in for our first Podcast with Paranormal Prowlers tonight at 10 pm est. Standby, THIS is gonna be fun!

If you missed the show here is the audio file Prowl with Bill & Charisse on the Hill

The White Blob

The Green Ethereal Mist

Haunted Cabin UFO

“Knock Knock”

The Lady in the Lamp

My favorite TREE in JT!
ZAZI and ME!
You can't park here!

BFTV in Joshua Tree

“Bill from the Ville” Tele-Vision presents Travel Tips Tuesday ” Joshua Tree, California. S1 E3 THIS is Bill’s “HAPPIEST PLACE” on the Planet…Mostly because landscape resembles Mars and the good vibrations are out of this world. Fun and frolic in the Magical Mojave Desert while witnessing spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Visit the Joshua Tree National Forest for the adventure of a life time playing amongst the JUMBO ROCKS! Just the drive through the park is must see. The JTMF, Joshua Tree Music Festival is home to the best people, artists and musicians on the Earth. May and October be sure to get your front row seat as the Festival celebrates Family and Community, so crucial in the Desert. Make some new friends, eat healthy great tasting food and enjoy the tunes from all over the world. Hit the incredible Integratron to rejuvenate and heal. God’s Way Love leads to Boulder Gardens and where Garth lives among the RED ROCKS. This truly is an incredible place. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to our youtube channel for more Travel Tips Tuesday episodes on BFTV music “Babylon” provided by our good friend in Key West, Mr. Jeff Clark.

“Bill from the Ville” shares an epic adventure to the Red River Gorge in Slade, Kentucky. Hike through the Daniel Boone National Forest. BFTV shares his favorite places on the planet with a good friend. Visit each week for Travel Tips Tuesdays on

Here is a link for a virtual tour of the Red River Gorge and Daniel Boone National Forest. Stand by…THIS is gonna be FUN!

Right Place, Right Time, Right Mind

Sky Brigde Red River Gorge
Sunset Chimney Top Rock Red River Gorge
Nada Tunnel Red River Gorge
Chimney Top Rock Red River Gorge
Cabin Red River Gorge
IMG 5105
IMG 5078
IMG 4843
IMG 4743
IMG 4660
IMG 4475
IMG 4215
IMG 4214
IMG 4213

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“Bill from the Ville” Tele-Vision presents “Travel Tips Tuesday”. S1 E1 DEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA Every Tuesday check our BFTV-TV for the latest adventure highlights and travel tips. Great places, near and far, inexpensive and awesome! Featuring local eats, fun and frolic, this series will tell you where to go and who to know. In Deerfield our first stop was the Whales Rib for some fabulous famous fish dip and ruby red rock shrimp. It was incredible. The Pier stretches out far into the ocean where the view and the fishing is spectacular. The waves were good and surfing was even and option that day we visited. Music played live from every corner of the S curve where it all happens.

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Looking forward to getting back to the Kentucky Backwoods in the Red River Gorge 2019. The winter is here and we are ready to begin the new adventure. The documentary Snowprint from three years ago will be released soon. Tracking the trails and sleeping in the caves to pick up where we lost it. Standby, THIS is gonna be fun!

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Tommy’s Birdhouses are GORGEous

“Bill from the Ville” Tele-Vision is proud to present – Tommy Spencer and his incredible artisanship. For over 40 years Tommy Spencer has been selling his Hand Crafted Bird Houses in the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge. Exit 33 in Slade Kentucky, straight off the Mountain Parkway, nestled off the side of the road near the church you will find him. Beautiful, masterpieces of craftsmanship both large and small on display by the dozens. Tommy has found homes for his birdhouses in Alaska. Both Ozzy Osbourne and Steven Seagal obviously have a great eye for talent and have purchased from Tommy too while visiting the area. I personally met Tommy 5 years ago when my wife said, “…turn around, I think that guy is selling Birdhouses!”

IMG 8847
IMG 8841
IMG 8715
IMG 5704
IMG 5700
IMG 4845
IMG 0147
IMG 0071

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“Bill from the Ville” Tele-Vison proudly presents “Greener Acres” Season 1 Episode 1 – “SNAKE FARM” ! It’s not all hunting Big Foot or chasing ghosts at our “Haunted Cabin” on a hill in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Occasionally we get to have fun! When Charisse’s sister comes to visit all bets are off. Margaritas and Karaoke make a compelling combination on this World Premiere Episode on Channel On BFTV-TV “Greener Acres”. This series documents the challenges of two people in love who buy their dream cabin in the woods…only to find out it’s haunted and requires a ton of work to survive. Slowly, they begin to thrive in the Backwoods of Kentucky. Everything from Paradise to the Paranormal is found on BFTV-TV. Please subscribe and follow us on social media. Standby…THIS IS GONNA BE FUN

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