Bill from the Ville

“Bill from the Ville”

Bill had not been out west in 20 years despite repeated invitations from his old buddy. In May of 2012 Bill traveled to Joshua Tree California to see his old friend Barnett and document the Joshua Tree Music Festival and was greeted with open arms by friends, family and crew members. Lola, Barnett’s 8-year-old daughter, named after the KINKS song LOLA, immediately coined the phrase…

“Bill from the Ville”. From that moment on, and 800 new friends later, 
“Bill from the Ville” was born. It was the perfect fit for introductions at the music festival and allowed for great freedom as an alias to far away from his corporate image and Tony Stark-Iron Man jokes. The music festival was the beginning of what has now become an annual trip and the misadventures began. “The Ville” represents small towns across America and the pride that comes from “Hometown” living.

Inspired by the spirit of community and freedom of the Desert. “Bill from the Ville” took his good vibrations on the road traveling and meeting people from all walks of life. Each story, each place, so unique to itself and so beautiful, if you look deep enough life is good.

Photo credit of Barnett and BFTV goes to my talented Joshua Tree buddy-
Mike Smalley. Thanks Mike for always…

“Being at the right place at the right time with the right mind.”

Me and Barnett
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