Everyone dreams of owning a cabin on a hill… a rustic old place deep in woods, high on a mountaintop surrounded by towering pines, living in harmony with nature. People are leaving the city in droves to find a place to unwind and recharge. 

Some go for a weekend and some are going for life! Well, be careful what you wish for.

This is our true story, Bill, and Charisse Stark, a husband and wife very much in love with each other, adventure and the outdoors. After 15 years and hundreds of camping trips, we decide to take a giant leap of faith and buy our dream cabin on a hill.

Due to the location being in the middle of nowhere and with giant black bears all around the area, we soon nicknamed features around the cabin with “Bear” themes. A waterfall on the property is called “Bear-a-dise Falls”. Campsites include “The Bear Den” and a Studio Cabin named “The Bear-Caved- INN”, all key components of the “Stark-a-Rosa” Ranch.

The Cabin sits on a mountaintop weaved with sixty-year-old abandoned logging roads surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest. There are no distractions like cell phones, TVs or the internet. Animals and plant life flourish deep in the woods, which happens to be home to Kentucky’s best-kept secret, 

The Red River Gorge Geological Area.

This beautiful Wilderness Reserve is filled with hundreds of epic arches, flowing waterfalls, lakes, rivers, streams and is surrounded by steep rugged mountain ridgelines. The park displays a stunning 50 million year old history of change and evolution right under your feet. Tourist from all over the world, flock by the millions to enjoy the “World Class Rock Climbing Capital” of the Eastern United States. There is little if any cell service, few amenities and the art of self – reliance is a must! What you pack in, you pack out. There is no better place to feel the spirits move you than in the “RED”. Truly a Magical place and sounds like a dream…right?

As with most things in life, you should be careful what you wish for.
Ill equipped and unprepared for the multitudes of challenges of off grid living, we became a modern day “GREEN ACRES” couple and would have turned back if aware of the terrifying trajectory we were on. Inspiring the documentary “Greener Acres.”

Both being spiritual people and never having witnessed paranormal events before, we began to question the very core of our beliefs and if the cabin was right for us.

Could this be real? Why is it happening to us? Why now on this property?
Is it Dangerous? Is it safe to walk in the woods day or night with all that is happening? Is the cabin secure? Could anyone help us if we have an emergency?

Bill reported these events to the Park Ranger and discovered other people had shared similar stories from the area. A retired police officer and his wife had recently moved out of their cabin due to their own terrifying experience in the woods. The woman experienced the most fear of her live while her husband was away. Upon his return he investigated and fired off warning shots at night. The next day, one of the bullets was found standing right side up in the Outhouse floor just yards away from the cabin. That was it and they gave up their retirement cabin. There is an actual BFRO (BigFoot Research Organization) investigation and report on file of their story.

After hearing these incredible stories, along with the knowledge of black bears, wildcats, coyote packs, and poisonous snakes, the ranger strongly encourage Bill to arm up at all times. Since we were novices to guns, Ranger Brooks who has become a good friend, personally trained us to defend ourselves.

Intense experiences continued to plague us and with two years of unexpected major renovations, both our spirits and bank account were nearly broken. We discussed all the options including selling the cabin. After a lot of reflection Bill reiterated that we had never really felt fear of being threatened but just majorly wigged out about what we witnessed. The decision was made to hunker down and be silent observers of the new world we have entered high in the Appalachian Mountains. 
Bill began researching the history of the property by talking to locals about what had been going on.


The Original Cabin was built by hand using local timber from the Red River Gorge in 1963. A local man who had a terminally ill daughter built it for her to be comfortable while the family hoped and prayed for a miracle. The cabin sits nestled away off a gravel road, cresting a majestic mountaintop and overlooking a picturesque valley. The property is surrounded by towering pine trees that line the top of the ridge. Abandoned 100-year-old logging roads network through the Red River Gorge for miles and miles. A waterfall that feeds “Hell for Certain Creek” below is the focal point of the property.

Unfortunately, the young woman did eventually succumb to her illness and pass away in the cabin. Out of respect for the family her name remains private.

None of these details were revealed to us prior to purchasing the property. To live in a remote cabin where someone suffered and passed away was not part of the initial plan. We would have to learn to adapt and adjust to the persistent and petrifying paranormal patterns that come from living with…

“The Cabin on a Hill” … So we did.

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