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The “White Blob” “Ethereal Green Mist” and a UFO!

BFTV-TV documents the more Supernatural events at the Haunted Cabin. View this exclusive, never seen before footage of the “White Blob” captured this year and a “Knock” from deep in the Red River Gorge. Newly released behind the scenes video of the Ethereal Green Mist as seen on TV and UFO footage you will not believe. Enjoy and follow us on social media. Tune in for our first Podcast with Paranormal Prowlers tonight at 10 pm est. Standby, THIS is gonna be fun!

If you missed the show here is the audio file Prowl with Bill & Charisse on the Hill

The White Blob

The Green Ethereal Mist

Haunted Cabin UFO

“Knock Knock”

The Lady in the Lamp

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