If Mother Nature doesn’t kill them, the Supernatural might.


As a team, Bill and Charisse have shared adventure traveling and working together at Stark Video Productions. Follow their extraordinary journey from city life to country living in their “Cabin on a Hill”, deep in the Red River Gorge. It becomes evident very soon they are not living there alone! Several Supernatural events unfold before their eyes and are captured on camera.

A persistent paranormal presence makes itself known time and time again. Bangs on doors, lights turning on, and guttural growls echo through the holler. Other phenomena including Ghost like mists, UFO’s and Bigfoot prints are documented by the curious couple, shaking their foundation to the core. Share the thrills, beauty, and fear of “Kentucky Backwoods” living, in their self-proclaimed “Bear-a-dise”. 
Be careful what you wish for!

“If Mother Nature doesn’t kill them, the Supernatural might.”

Bill Stark

Louisville Kentucky

“Bill from the Ville” in his own words.

Now that I look back at it, this is my true and final destiny. I hear the call of the wild, and I must answer. Time to get back to my roots and live life to the fullest. New discoveries every day are what makes life worth living. I did not go looking for the Supernatural, the Supernatural came looking for me!

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Charisse Stark

Boca Raton Florida

The BEST PART of the BFTV-TV production team and crew…CHARISSE!

Bill has been accompanied by his Soul Mate/Co-Producer/Best Friend and Beautiful Wife – Charisse Stark for 15 years! Together they make an unstoppable team as they frolic in the forest and discover a brand new life.

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