Right Place, Right Time, Right Mind!

In 2008, I was asked to document a deep sea fishing trip with some friends in Key West. The 3 hour one-way journey to the middle of the Gulf of Mexico yielded lots of fish and tons of fun. Once returning to Key West the crew headed to the bar call Schooner Wharf where the Band Entrain was playing. Unknown to me “ Fantasy Fest” was in full swing and people were scantily dressed and dancing in the moonlight till sunrise. Jeff Clark sang and played lead guitar with the band while and crew watched in amazement. The music finally stopped about 4 am but the good vibes lived on forever through the music and friendship. After other trips back to the Island with my wife Charisse, she too became enchanted with the talented artist. A budding friendship began that lead to the Red River Rock Doob-a-lee and Hoot-Nanny on Charisse’s 50th Surprise Birthday at the Cabin on a Hill. Jeff and his great friend Annie Rocked the Red River Gorge for 3 days and nights. His loyal friendship, incredible music, and loving lyrics are featured as part of the BFTV-TV Theme. Jeff’s second solo album, titled Riddum Tree, captured my manta perfectly. Songs like “Ain’t too hard” and “Life is” representative of making the most of life and to “grab it by the horns and shake it!”

The first song, Ain’t too Hard, is now the music to my logo because it states succinctly the reason for Bill from the Ville and our mission to find the art and fun in everything.

“If you look at the Right place at the Right time with the Right mind”

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