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Joshua Tree, California S1 E3 2018

My favorite TREE in JT!
ZAZI and ME!
You can't park here!

BFTV in Joshua Tree

“Bill from the Ville” Tele-Vision presents Travel Tips Tuesday ” Joshua Tree, California. S1 E3 THIS is Bill’s “HAPPIEST PLACE” on the Planet…Mostly because landscape resembles Mars and the good vibrations are out of this world. Fun and frolic in the Magical Mojave Desert while witnessing spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Visit the Joshua Tree National Forest for the adventure of a life time playing amongst the JUMBO ROCKS! Just the drive through the park is must see. The JTMF, Joshua Tree Music Festival is home to the best people, artists and musicians on the Earth. May and October be sure to get your front row seat as the Festival celebrates Family and Community, so crucial in the Desert. Make some new friends, eat healthy great tasting food and enjoy the tunes from all over the world. Hit the incredible Integratron to rejuvenate and heal. God’s Way Love leads to Boulder Gardens and where Garth lives among the RED ROCKS. This truly is an incredible place. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to our youtube channel for more Travel Tips Tuesday episodes on BFTVTV.com BFTV music “Babylon” provided by our good friend in Key West, Mr. Jeff Clark.

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