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Bill and Charisse share multiple terrifying paranormal encounters from their Cabin on a Hill. The cabin sits atop an old abandoned logging road surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest and Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Their disturbing true stories will be reenacted and animated featuring never seen before video files and photographic evidence.

Bill and Charisse appear on camera and narrate their stories consisting of:

*Large bizarre footprints found in the snow resembling BigFoot, Sasquatch, Swamp Ape or Yeti.
Others say it resembles a 65 million-year-old prehistoric Pterodactyl bird…you decide.

*UFO’s caught on security cameras.
*Threatening paranormal entities turning on and off TV’s and moving objects.
*Ethereal-mist, dancing lights, ghosts, bangs on the doors, howls and growls resonating from the valley below and other unexplainable phenomena

After three years of living in a Cabin on a Hill, they realized they were co-existing with an other-worldly spirit with a penchant for electronics, which leaves the couple questioning their ability to cope with the supernatural events unfolding. The couple’s entire foundation of faith, family, and friends was about to be tested.
As the reality of living in the woods turns from dream to nightmare, changing their lives forever, it’s clear “If Mother Nature doesn’t kill them, the Supernatural may.”

When asked if the Supernatural exists, Bill’s quotes The Storyteller Todd Snider,
“I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind about anything, I just trying to free my mind about everything…and it works every time.

UFO1 2
Snow Print Blank 2
Flying Rod
Views From Shoes2 2
Woody On 2 Tracks
Snow Print W Boot
Tracks Join To One
Rambo Of The Red
Squatching In The RRG
Squatch Poster


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  • Hi Bill,

    My name is Nic and I just saw your episode of “These Woods Are Haunted” on tv. I have been researching the paranormal for over 20 years and have become very familiar with the work of Anthropology Professor Jeff Meldrum at Idaho State University. He specializes in primate anatomy and locomotion and may be able to shed some light on the strange footprints you found. I should mention that he is very much a believer in Bigfoot/Sasquatch and has one of the world’s largest collection of footprint casts so he would be very receptive to your case. Also, he wrote a book called “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science” which you might find very interesting and may provide more answers. It is the companion to the documentary of the same name in which Meldrum takes part. It’s a great watch if you can find it. I hope this information helps.

    • Thanks so much for the input Nic. I appreciate the information and will follow it up. We have been working on our continuing documentary with now over 60 events. The pandemic has amplified the activity and we need answers. Any input is welcome as our minds are still trying to learn to cope. This is really good info and we must keep in touch. My wifi at the cabin is spotty and sometime takes me a bit to respond. Thanks for you patience and kindness as we are excited about the future and possibly working with professionals in the field like your referral.

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