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This weekend (Fall is amazing in The Red) is the amazing Woolly Worm Festival just past the Cabin on the Hill in Beattyville.  See y’all ’round now, ya here!

I’ll Woolly… if Ya’ll Woolly, Too!


Bill and Charisse share multiple terrifying paranormal encounters from their Cabin on a Hill. The cabin sits atop an old abandoned logging road surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest and Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Their disturbing true stories will be reenacted and animated featuring never seen before video files and photographic evidence.

Bill and Charisse appear on camera and narrate their stories consisting of:

*Large bizarre footprints found in the snow resembling BigFoot, Sasquatch, Swamp Ape or Yeti.
Others say it resembles a 65 million-year-old prehistoric Pterodactyl bird…you decide.

*UFO’s caught on security cameras.
*Threatening paranormal entities turning on and off TV’s and moving objects.
*Ethereal-mist, dancing lights, ghosts, bangs on the doors, howls and growls resonating from the valley below and other unexplainable phenomena

After three years of living in a Cabin on a Hill, they realized they were co-existing with an other-worldly spirit with a penchant for electronics, which leaves the couple questioning their ability to cope with the supernatural events unfolding. The couple’s entire foundation of faith, family, and friends was about to be tested.
As the reality of living in the woods turns from dream to nightmare, changing their lives forever, it’s clear “If Mother Nature doesn’t kill them, the Supernatural may.”

When asked if the Supernatural exists, Bill’s quotes The Storyteller Todd Snider,
“I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind about anything, I just trying to free my mind about everything…and it works every time.

UFO1 2
Snow Print Blank 2
Flying Rod
Views From Shoes2 2
Woody On 2 Tracks
Snow Print W Boot
Tracks Join To One
Rambo Of The Red
Squatching In The RRG
Squatch Poster


Cayman DockBFTVTV

Mother Nature and all her magnificence are celebrated.
LIFE IS GOOD on the “STARK-A-ROSA RANCH” in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

Every day brings something new up from over the ridgeline to the mountaintop. Ears are popping near 2000 feet and the view is spectacular! Sunrises, sunsets, wildlife are documented, wild turkeys, foxes, bears, coyotes, crows, opossums, turtles, spiders, wasps, snakes, just to name a few. Survival and Camping tips on where to go while in the RED RIVER GORGE AND NATURAL BRIDGE AREA are shared.

Chimney TopBFTVTV
Colorfull CloudsBFTVTV
Princes ArchBFTVTV

Interviews and chats with new and old friends sharing good stories together. From High School hysterics to the daily news, BFTV-TV keeps the dying art of conversation alive. This is where fun and frolic abide!

BFTV Smiling At Cave Blk ShirtBFTVTV


Stark Video Productions of Louisville, KY announces a new adventure with DISCOVERY CHANNEL and DESTINATION AMERICA.

Bill Stark, CEO of Stark Video Productions is proud to announce his newest adventure, “Bill from the Ville” Tele-Vision. “BFTV-TV” will feature multiple paranormal encounters from his “haunted cabin on a hill” including actual UFO footage and prehistoric footprints in the snow.

The print has been viewed by multiple experts and still remains unidentified.

Other fascinating stories of people and places are shared by the #1 Cardinal Fan, Bill Stark.

“BFTV-TV” celebrates life through the art of imagery and storytelling in Bill’s 50-year journey from Louisville to Beattyville and deep in the Red River Gorge.

In addition to the introduction of “Bill from the Ville” Tele-Vision, the DISCOVERY CHANNEL and DESTINATION AMERICA’S new original series “GHOSTOBER” line up features a descent into darkness with “Terror in the Woods”- exploring terrifying stories of wilderness adventures gone very wrong.

Bill Stark and his wife Charisse, will be featured in the HALLOWEEN two hour special October 31, 2017 from 9-11pm ET.

Their spooky segment will showcase several spine tingling supernatural encounters while in their cabin in the Red River Gorge. Narrated by Bill and Charisse, the documentary will include animation and reenactments of numerous disturbing events. The Halloween special includes exclusive “never seen before” video and photographic evidence to substantiate their claims.

Bill Stark and Stark Video Productions work includes: documentaries, commercials, and career collaborations with Sports Illustrated, CBS, TBS, E! Television and MTV.

For more information contact:

Bill Stark aka “Bill from the Ville”

Bahama BeachBFTVTV
Bahamas SunriseBFTVTV
Bahama CaveBFTVTV

“Snake Farm, just sounds nasty…Snake Farm, pretty much is.” A sinister series highlighting positive points of poisonous snakes.

In keeping with the positive BFTV-TV vibes and theme, “if you look at the right place at the right time with the right mind” then most definitely good can come from bad. A REAL life Snake Farm supplies the world with antivenom is featured from the Red River Gorge in Slade, Kentucky. Bill shares stories from BFTV-TV, documenting actual eerie events including six bites in the last three years.

Viewer warning advised some photos and video may be graphic in nature.

Green Light Green SnakeBFTVTV
Copperhead In Road At NightBFTVTV
Black Snake At Night In GrassBFTVTV

This series explores “Real Life” and the Angels around us.
Tales, Traditions and Tourism – Featuring local Kentucky history, folklore, music, artisan festivals, eateries, interviews, reviews and what to dos. Visit Kentucky iconic Attractions like Churchill Downs, picturesque parks, famous fishing holes and more.

BizCard BothSides TommySpencerBFTVTV
Bird House SteepleBFTVTV
Big Bird HouseBFTVTV
Church Bird HouseBFTVTV

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